Fix My Appliances CA : Affordable & Reliable Appliance Repair

Refridgerator Repair

We've seen many fridges with your problem over our 15 years of business.

Our technicians are experienced in servicing all makes and models of refrigerator, so yours can be up and running the same day, regardless of the brand.

Our experts are able to conduct a thorough diagnostic on your refrigerator, and will be able to go ahead with a specific and targeted repair in the same day.

Don't go out and buy a new fridge! Avoid the wasted food and the mess, and give us a call at Fix My Appliances now!

Washing Machine Repair

Are you having issues getting the washing machine to start? Do you hear thumping? Is the water failling to drain?

If your answer to any of these is, "Yes," then give Fix My Appliances a call.

We don’t care where your washing machine came from, or what brand or model you've bought - our expertise combined with our non-stop availability means that your washing machine

will be fixed in no time! Contact us 24/7, 365 days a year.

By calling us for your repairs, you can expect same or next-day service, and you can expect us to give you a courtesy call to let you know when we're coming.

Dishwasher Repair

When we come to repair your dishwasher, our technicians usually carry common parts that can be replaced the same day. If they don't have the part, it will usually be replaced

the following day.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we only advise a part replacement or repair if and when it is necessary.

Our honesty is our key to running a successful and long-running company. We aim to provide an community-minded, professional service to the local area for many years to come

. Make sure you shop around for your dishwasher repair. Don’t just aim for the cheapest quote, but choose the best service that will have your appliance repaired thoroughly and

with quality workmanship.

Dryer Repair

You can't get too far without a dryer that works, and at Fix My Appliances, we work hard to make sure this is true for the citizens of our local area.

Don't waste another day waiting for damp clothes to dry. We are the best in our field - let one of our expert repairers handle it.

Get your estimate right away! Fix My Appliances is waiting to take your call, and we are open on weekends at no extra cost to you.

Fix My Appliances is the trusted repairer for your local area. Why not get in touch with us today for your quote?